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Photos from San Francisco


I've cropped & enhanced them slightly. Enjoy!

Travel to SF

This was taken while traveling to SF @ 10:19pm. I believe it was at a BART station.

Office POV
We were furnishing the office on this day. I thought it was a funny picture.
My Room
Rent, savings, furniture. Pick one. This was my room.
UC Hastings Tower
Cool tower on a cool day. People gathered outside. UC Hastings Law Library is in the foreground, UC Hastings Tower in the background.
8th Turnaround Park
8th Turnaround Park. I walked by here often.
Decatur Way
I always thought this was one of the cleanest places in the East Bay. This photo was taken near the Design District.
Hike with Geo
A family friend showed me this trail in SF. The cliff overlooks Cole Valley. A nice residential area. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance as well.
West Oakland
I visited Oakland once or twice for cheap cannabis. It was always a full-day trip. This is West Oakland.
Broadway Tunnel, Russian Hill
I was probably on my way to grab some pizza. The hills were always a nice challenge. This is "Broadway."
Late Night Stroll
An old house in the Mission District caught my attention.

That's all! I only took 1 picture of myself while in San Francisco. I certainly wish I had more!